Tue, 12/15/2009
Call to order time: 
2009 - 04:00
3 Proxy Voters
Present in person: 
Chris Striefel
Others present: 
Jill Steindler – Minutes (Secretary)
Proxy Lots: 
1,19 &21

• First order of business, the order to approve the Minutes from December 18, 2009.
• Second order of business, to install the approved new board members: Treasurer – Jill Steindler Secretary – Mindy Kagebine Vice President – Gene Rontal
• Third order of business, Vote to continue landscaping, maintenance, and snow removal contracts with current venders and under the same terms. Motion by Jill Steindler / Approved by Chris Striefel
• Fourth order of business, Approve Aspen Glen construction fee schedule. Vote for: 1. Road Impact fee formula 2. Builders Bond set at $20,000 3. Design review fee set at $3,500 (currently $4,500) Recommendations for the following were made by Chris Striefel: • Commission a reserve study – Voted to approve
• Tree planting plan for the common area to increase the number of trees. – Voted to approve These above mentioned items are obtainable within the current budget based on actuals. Items of Note: • Senate Bill 100 policies / procedures were created and sent to owners of record with annual meeting announcement.
• As of December 14, 2009, liens were filed for past due assessments on lots 5, 16, 18, 28 & 17 prior to foreclosure.
• Lots 5 & 16 have forfeited their builders bond deposits of $10,000 each through failure to comply with approval within the allowable time frame.
• Coryell HOA received 50% of our requested weed control expense from the county weed control cost share program.
Water Rights: Balcomb and Green are nearing completion of perfecting the water rights transfer to the HOA. Research is being done on potential conflicts with down stream neighbors (Dan Hobby).
Research is also being done on “Orphaned Thompson Glen Ditch Shares” in the quantity of 19, to see if rights are saleable.
Note- Coryell HOA is under budget in Expenses but Reserves are under budget.
*Vote to increase Assessments by $150 / Year for a reserve fund.
The billing will be itemized to reflect dues and reserves.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 4:20pm by Chris Striefel, a second by Jill Steindler and all proxy votes in favor.