Thu, 12/16/2010
Call to order time: 
2010 (All day)
Chris Strifel
Present in person: 
Chris Strifel
Others present: 
Jill Steindler
Proxy Lots: 
7, 14, 22, 1, 21, 5, and 22

• Vote to approve Minutes from December 2009 HOA Meeting,
Motion by Jill Steindler, approved by Chris Strifel and Proxy votes.

• Vote to approve Budget for 2011 upon updating based on actuals for 2010. Motion by Jill Steindler, approved by Chris Strifel and Proxy votes.

• A Reserve study was completed by Aspen Reserve Specialists (ARS). They suggested that Coryell is under funded in its reserve. A report will be updated to reflect the Year End 2010.

• Examining the expense to repair cracks in the streets and analyzing costs to own equipment vs. sub contracting repairs.

• A trash pump will be purchased in summer of 2011 (For pond water circulation and common area irrigation) the expense is approximately $4,000 or less.

• A Coryell neighbor, Dan Hobby, was served a legal notice in the summer of 2010 granting him permission to utilize excess water on Southard/Cavahnaugh ditch. The purpose of the notice was to protect Coryell’s long term water rights.

• Research is being done on the feasibility of a stair system on the downstream side of lot 1 for fisherman access.

• Beaver damage is extensive. Damage to the pond system and destruction of trees is at a level not seen before. Measures are being taken to eradicate the problem.

• Coryell HOA is gaining momentum on noxious weed control. Chris Striefel ahs been working closely with Garfield County to adopt the most effective measures and practices. At least 2 more seasons (2011’ & 2012) of aggressive action need to be taken to overcome the exponential spread or as needed.

• Lots 1, 2, 3, and 13 will need to consider on site water storage for irrigation as there is no active ditch serving those lots. There are provisions for water delivery to these lots but it is not used regularly

• Revenue generated from property /cabin rental for 2010 are $1,000.

• Annual expense are reported under budget.

• Chris Strifel attended a Aspen Glen HOA Board of Directors meeting, he notified them that the license for fisherman’s access by Aspen Glen residents and club members can be withdrawn if fishing policies are not adhered to. The question came up as to whether or not Coryell HOA would be willing to cost share in stocking the ponds. The response was that there is no demand by owners at this time.

• The Coryell Board President and 7 proxy votes agreed to give Jill Steindler a year end bonus of $500.