Wed, 01/25/2012
Jill Steindler
Present in person: 
Chris Striefel
Proxy Lots: 
5,21,22,23,25, 28 & 29

Motion by Striefel to approve the 2010 Minutes, seconded by Steindler. APPROVED

Motion by Striefel to approve 2012 budget, seconded by Steindler, APPROVED

Motion by Steindler to elect  Striefel for an additional 2 year term as President of the board of directors (2012 & 2013), seconded by Striefel. ELECTED.


President’s statement by Striefel.

 End of 2011 year accounting that took place actually in January 2012. $18,000 surplus  from general operating account was deposited into reserve account.  The general maintenance and operation will continue on a restricted and as needed basis for the purposes of saving for reserves. In this the 13th year of operation certain assets such and irrigation ditch linings and ditch mains are showing signs of deferred maintenance.  2012 will likely be the year that between $10,000-$20,000 is spent on long-term solutions and fixes for the irrigation water delivery systems. One project in particular being the removal of the snoble culvert and replacement with an open lined ditch with a vehicle bridge for the snoble’s access. This project should allow for an overall increase of 20% to the water volume received by Coryell and would represent the single greatest improvement per dollar for water flow.

Also, the lower ponds are being investigated for beaver friendly applications to be installed that will prevent long term sustained damage to the grass walkways that have been eroded due to beaver activity.

Fishing cabin capital improvements. 2012 will see an increase of paid hosted events by non-members for weddings and celebrations. As a result of this activity and additional revenue the cabin will be up kept and repaired more often than it has been. Certain capital improvements such as a locker room reorganization will be undergone before summer 2012 as to accommodate this space as a comfortable ready room for brides to be. This will entail temporarily removing one bank of lockers for off-site storage. Also the large stones in the lawn will be removed to accommodate a 60x100’ tent for weddings of over 150ppl.  Our water rights continue to be our most important asset and are continually looked after so as to protect their use and functionality.

Midland Point remains stubborn in their cooperation of this project and any shared maintenance. A casual verbal agreement is to have Coryell manage ditch maintenance upstream of Snoble to County RD.  Midland Point believes that Coryell should contribute to their annual catchment pond excavation. This will not happen nor ever should. Coryell has more than 20 times the surface area of ponds that also fill with silt and it is not expected that Midland Point would contribute to maintenance on those ponds.

2011 Coryell singularly paid for the in river excavation of the mouth of the Southard Cavanaugh ditch. Flow had stopped due to a natural buildup of river cobbles. The excavator Lamont was instructed to move enough debris so that the same operation would not be needed in 2012. The operator and equipment cost was split and coordinated with Jake at Aspen Glen Golf Course since they were paying to have their adjacent and separate ditch the  Keiser Sievers excavated in the same way.

A heavy noxious weed campaign is still underway and the board is advised that it may become beneficial to invest in mechanized spraying equipment. We already save more than $100 per man hour by hand spraying ourselves on foot. It may prove cost effective to invest $5,000 in a Honda Foreman ATV with 20-30 gallon wand sprayer. This could cut down on man hours needed for self-application and pay off in under 3 seasons. This option will be continually looked at but will only be considered if the right machine can be obtained on the used market and be ready to spray for $5,000.

60% of owners have already paid their annual dues for 2012 so we are on track to increase our receivables ratio. 3 liens were filed for outstanding dues on 3 lots from 2011. 2 non-paying lots were foreclosed and are now in the hands of a new owner on one and a lender trustee on the other, both paying. Lot number 18 was foreclosed in 2011, listed for $95,000, sold for $60,000 and is now managed by Alpine Bank as an investment for a local gentleman’s IRA portfolio. Lot 28 will remain off market til market conditions improve. When a lot is foreclosed the lender is only required by state law to pay the previous 6 months of dues from the date of the trustee sale. Therefore we have not collected outstanding liens on 2 foreclosed lots.

A remodel and entryway enhancements were completed this year by the Czycyk family on Lot 5. All improvements were approved as built and bond escrow returned to the owners. Also, one family is now taking advantage of the wireless internet backbone of the community free of charge. This is a positive externality of wirelessly supporting the neighborhood surveillance system, thus the fixed cost of the monthly internet service is covered by your annual dues.

Motion by Striefel to Adjourn the meeting 4:15 pm, seconded by Steindler.