Thu, 02/28/2013
Jill Steindler
Present in person: 
Chris Striefel
Proxy Lots: 
5,6,7,14,18,21,23,29,26,22,13,25, & 28

Meeting called to order at 4:05 PM, with a quorum by proxy votes.

• First order of business, the order to approve the Minutes from Annual 2011 meeting.

• Second order of business, to install the approved new board members: Vice President – Farima Czyzyk (lot 5)

• Third order of business, Vote to continue landscaping, maintenance, and snow removal contracts with current venders and under the same terms. Motion by Jill Steindler / Approved by Chris Striefel

• Fourth order of business, Approve Aspen Glen construction fee schedule. Vote for:

1. Road Impact fee formula

2. Builders Bond set at $40,000

3. Design review fee set at $3,500

• Budget: 2012 actuals appear to be $4,405 short of budget based on accrual method but over funded on a cash basis.


Recommendations for the following were made by Chris Striefel:


Items of Note:

• A neighboring land owner (Snobble, not contiguous) initiated a ditch culvert project to elongate their culvert under their driveway crossing on the Southard/Cavanaugh ditch. Work was performed by Legacy Homes (Snobble’s across the street neighbor). An agreement was entered into whereby legacy and snobble take full responsibility for work performed. This work is not to decrease flow of the ditch and any failures as a result of this work will be the responsibility of Snobble and Legacy. An engineer from Applegate Engineering (Craig Ullman) created a study of the work and thinks ditch design should not impede historic flow rates. As of this meeting the work described had not been completed and is scheduled to be finished under Applegate supervision by water on date in April.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 4:35pm by Chris Striefel, a second by Jill Steindler and all proxy votes in favor.